Too many blogs!

I am currently unable to add any more posts to this blog.  Before I go ahead and ask the school to pay for another year’s subscription for the blog, I wanted your thoughts on whether to continue with this blog, whether to try and blog on the school website, or whether to start up a class Twitter page instead.  What do you think would work best for you as parents?

1 – Carry on with this blog.

2 – Try and blog on the school website.

3 – Create a class Twitter page like Year 1 and Year 2 have.

7 responses to “Too many blogs!

  1. Hi, I’ve found this blog great as it sends all updates straight to my email. I would’ve said carry on with this one but if other classes are using twitter it would make sense to all use the same form of communication. I’ve managed to avoid twitter up until now but it sounds like Id best get up to date if year 1’s already using it eek!! Hope this helps, Amanda

  2. I think it’s really nice to be able to see what Phoebes been up to during her school days. We have many conversations looking at the pictures together. I’m not a huge Twitter user but maybe it’s the best way to go as it proves to work for years 1 & 2?

  3. Hi, I have found this blog great for keeping up with what Layla is up to at school. It’s really useful and easy to access, but I guess you can achieve the same thing with Twitter (?I don’t use this myself).

  4. We’ve really enjoyed reading the blog this year and have found it an easy and accessible way to follow what’s happening in Reception. Thank you for taking the time to keep it up-to-date. The only thing I would say about twitter is parents would need to join twitter and create an account to follow the twitter feed, which may mean fewer parents would then access it (e.g. the Class 1 twitter page only has 12 followers)

  5. I have loved the blog. It gives a great insight into how Felix spends his days in school. We chat about the photos and and look through it together . It’s nice to be able to look back over older posts which I’m not sure if you can do on Twitter or not . Louise (Felix B’s mum )

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