Star of the week.

Our star of the week this week is Phoebe.  Phoebe has produced some super writing about a butterfly, that she is very proud of.  Also, Phoebe is a fantastic member of the Reception class.  She works hard and tries her best.  Phoebe loves to share information about home and is very animated when doing so.  Phoebe is always polite and helpful.  Well done Phoebe!

Planting seeds that have been in space!

On Tuesday, we worked with the Year 5 children on setting up a very exciting investigation. Our school has been one of the lucky ones to receive 2 packets of seeds – one red one and one blue one.  One of the packets has been in space with Tim Peake and the other one hasn’t (we do not know which is which).  We had to plant the seeds following very strict guidelines and have to record our observations on the ‘Rocket Science Measurement Chart’.  We will keep you undated.

Tadpoles, caterpillars and chicken eggs!

Our tadpoles are growing bigger every day.  They are developing their back legs and seem hungry all of the time.

We also have some caterpillars.  It has been fascinating watching them grow to three times their size in just a few days!

Finally, on Friday we were given some chicken eggs from one of our families in Year 5.  We have set up the incubator and like observing the eggs as they rotate.