Star of the week.

The star of the week this week is Freddie.  Freddie has proved to be a super Mathematician this week.  He was able to order 3 Chinese dragons by their length.  Then he measured them using multi-link cubes and finally, he was able to calculate how much longer one was than the other.  Well done Freddie!

Marble Jar treat.

The children have reminded me that they have filled their class marble jar.  Marbles are given when the children work together as a class to achieve something or follow the school rules.  The children came up with a list of ideas for a marble jar treat and then voted for their favourite one.  Over half of the class voted for a … pyjama and teddy bear day!  The date for this hasn’t yet been set and a letter will be sent home before the event.  Let’s hope the weather is kind to us on that day.