Mrs Price said yes!

We are so very, very excited. A few weeks ago, we asked Mrs Price if we could have a class pet. She told us that we would have to think about the type of pet we would like and would have to consider all of the reasons why it would be good to have a pet in school. After several days of talking about this, Mrs Price came to see us today and asked us to share our ideas with her. It was a tricky conversation and we had to be very persuasive with our arguments. Mrs Price wasn’t able to make her decision straight away as she had lots of things to think about. During this time we thought it would be a good idea to back up our conversation with some writing. We then presented this to Mrs Price. (You can see this below.) After playtime, Mrs Price came back to our classroom to share her answer with us. She said, “yes”. We clapped and cheered! Mrs Price told Mrs Hart to collect some money at the end of the day to go and buy a hamster. I wonder whether Mrs Hart has had time to buy one? We will have to wait and see …









Star of the week.

The star of the week this week is Jack R.  Jack told everyone in assembly he was chosen because ‘he is nice and kind to everyone’!  This is indeed true, but Jack was also chosen because of his super Phonics and reading work.  Well done Jack!