Help Your Child At Home Activity Folder.

If you attended our ‘Help Your Child At Home’ evening way back in the Autumn Term, you will remember being given an activity pack to use at home. These packs take a long time to make and therefore, we are asking if you could return them to school before the end of the year. We hope that you have found them useful and are happy to hear your feedback about the packs. There will be a reward of 5 house points for every child that returns their packs. Thank you.

Key ring Words.

Today we have taken your child’s key ring words off their key ring. This is in preparation for Year 1. In Year 1, your child will continue learning high frequency and tricky words in the same way as they have done this year. We have made a list of the last words that your child had on their key ring, ready for a smooth transition into Year 1. If your child did not have their key ring in school today, please can you ensure it is in school next week.

Bertie Bear Is Sad!

Several weeks ago now, Bertie came back to school with some of his items missing. He is now feeling very sad and would like your help. The missing items are: a shirt, a pair of trousers and a camouflage sleeping bag. If you have these items at home, please can you return them to school so that other children can enjoy the full Bertie experience. Many thanks.

Missing trainers.

Several weeks ago now, Joe’s trainers went missing. Joe’s trainers are blue and are made by Clarks. Please can you check at home and in your child’s P.E bag, just in case they have accidently ended up with you. We cannot find them in school. Many thanks.