P.E kits.

Your child came home wearing their P.E kit today. We send the kits home at the end of each half term so that they can be washed. Please can you ensure that if your child has long hair, it is tied back/up on P.E days. If your child wears tights to school, please put a pair of socks in their P.E bag, or send them into school wearing socks on a P.E day. If your child has their ears pierced, they must either take their earrings out for P.E or must cover them with tape. You must provide the tape needed to cover the earrings. Thank you.

Phonics Information.

There will be no Phonics information sheets sent home this week. In the final week of every half term we assess the children’s current knowledge. During this time we do not teach any new phonemes. Instead, we consolidate the ones already taught. The information that we gain during this week informs future planning.

Star of the week.

Out star of the week this week is Ethan. Ethan is an extremely kind and caring boy. He really does look out for his friends. Whenever he can see that one of his peers needs help he is always there. He will even help them before he helps himself. Well done Ethan!