A very BIG thank you.

Today has been very emotional. It has been lovely spending quality time with the children, but has been sad sending them home for their summer holiday knowing that when they return to school in September they will be moving into Year 1. The children are ready for their new adventures and Mrs Morris is looking forward to teaching such super children. I would like to say a massive thank you for all of your help and support this year. It has been an absolute pleasure working with both fantastic children and wonderful parents. I have been touched by your kind words, both in cards and in person and your very thoughtful gifts. Your generosity and kindness has touched me in so many ways. Every one of your children has left lasting memories in my heart. Enjoy your Summer holiday. Sending big hugs. Tina Hart xxx

Star of the week.

Our stars of the week this week are the whole class. I could not choose one person for our final star of the week. All of the children in Reception are superstars. Every child has worked hard this year and has been a joy to teach. Well done everyone!

Miss Beckley.

We said goodbye to Miss Beckley today. Miss Beckley will be going to Parklands Day Nursery in September as she has to work with babies as part of her qualification. I know you will join with me in wishing Miss Beckley all the best in her new placement. We will miss her lots.

Request to bring in games tomorrow.

A couple of children have asked if they can bring in games tomorrow. This is something that the older children in school do on the last day. If they really want to bring in a game they can. However, we do have lots to play with in Reception and the children can choose all of their activities tomorrow. My worry would be them losing pieces from their game. We will be making chocolate lollipops tomorrow, tasting vegetable soup that has been made using the vegetables from Bearstone Fruit Farm and watching …