Adult helpers for our two visits.

I know that I have asked some of you to help us on our visit to Tesco. I have misplaced my up to date list!
Here are the people that I think are coming with us:
Mrs Jervis
Mrs Williams
Mrs Bowett
Mrs Jackson
Mrs Mcgregor
Mrs Pedley
Miss Cornes

For the fruit farm I think:
Mrs Walters
Mrs Frisher
Miss Cornes
Mrs Bowett

are coming with us.

Please can you let Mrs Morris or Mrs Carter know next week whether I am correct, or whether I have missed anyone out, or whether I have included someone who isn’t actually coming with us.

So sorry for my senior moment. I am just trying to get myself organised. We are also in need of additional help for the fruit farm. If you are able to join us please let a member of staff know.

Mrs Hart x