Star of the week.

Our star of the week this week is Jack. Jack is an absolute star in our P.E lessons. In P.E this week, Jack was able to control his golf club fantastically. He listened to the advice given and even managed to get a hole in one. During our teaching sessions, Jack always listens really carefully and tries hard with all of this work. Well done Jack.

Today our mystery storyteller was …

Mrs P. Mrs P came into the classroom without anyone seeing her. The children were delighted to see our last mystery storyteller. Mrs P read three books. One of the books that Mrs P read was, ‘Hello Dudley.’ Here is a challenge for you. Can your child tell you the titles of the other two books that Mrs P read? Please post all answers on here. Thank you Mrs P for being our final mystery storyteller.




Our mystery storyteller today was …

Dina! It was a wonderful surprise when Dina came to read to us today. She read two books to us. Firstly, we listened to the story, ‘Jack and the Flum Flum Tree.’ Dina knew that we have been enjoying so many books by the author Julia Donaldson, so she too brought one of her books to share with us. The second story that Dina read to us was, ‘Dinosaur Doo.’ Dina chose this book because it was about lots of dinosaurs just like her. There were lots of rhyming words in this book, as well as lots of poo! Naughty Dina! We loved your stories Dina. Thank you for reading to us today.








On Tuesday our mystery storyteller was …

Mrs M. Mrs M sneaked into the classroom without us seeing her. What a lovely surprise we had. Mrs M read 2 books. Firstly, we listened to the story, ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book.’ We loved all of the different characters in this book, especially Goldilocks. The second story that Mrs M read was, ‘Vincent the Vain.’ Vincent the gorilla loved his hairy, furry chest. Soon though his chest hair starts to dwindle and fall out. This makes him sad. I wonder whether the children can tell you the rest of the story? Thank you Mrs M for reading to us today.