Our marble jar is nearly full!

We have only got one more marble left until our marble jar is full. Today, we have talked about the treat we would like once our jar is full. The children had lots of ideas: a party, a disco, a school trip were just a few. When we voted we agreed on a school trip. We then talked about where we would like to go. These ideas included: a trip to fairy land, a trip to the zoo, a trip to Mario land, a trip to Disneyland Paris, a trip to the North Pole and a trip to LEGOLAND Discovery centre in Manchester. Again, we voted and the trip to Disneyland Paris won! Only joking. The trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre won.

I have therefore provisionally booked this visit for Tuesday 4th March. We now need to check availability of coaches and look at costings. Once these have been finalised, I will send out a letter with all of the details.

2 responses to “Our marble jar is nearly full!

    • You will have lots of fun on Sunday I’m sure. Let’s hope it isn’t too busy. Yes, we would love you to come with us as a parent helper. We always ask those people who come and help in school if they would like to come first.

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