Rowan’s cardigan.

Just before we finished for half term, Rowan lost her cardigan in school.  It is a Weaver cardigan – the type with the school logo on.  All of Rowan’s school uniform is clearly labelled with her name.  Please can you look at home and check the name labels on your child’s cardigan/s to make sure it hasn’t been taken by accident.  Many thanks.

School Photographs.

Many of you have not been involved in our annual event of school photographs.  Therefore, I thought it would be good to clarify how things work.  The photographers come into school early and set up.  Between 8:00 and 8:45 you are welcome to bring in pre-school children (to the hall) to have their photographs taken; with or without their siblings.  The children come into school as normal (unless they are still in the hall with you having their picture taken) and during the day, each class goes into the hall to have the children’s photographs taken individually.  Also, during this time, all family groups are gathered to have sibling photographs taken.

If you have any questions in the morning, please come and share them with us.

Many thanks.

New role-play area.

Today the children have been thinking about what they would like the role-play area to be next.  They decided on a castle.  The picture below shows all of the ideas they have had about what things to include in the castle.  We are going to be busy bees getting it ready!

The children closed their eyes and made a wish at the end of today.  They wished for a new kitchen to go into their castle.  I wonder whether their wish will come true?